Dear Reaper

Harvester of souls
Drainer of life blood

From friends or foes

Servant of two masters

Your creator and your desire

Yet,no one deems you worthy of odes


I draw closer to your threshold

With every passing minute

With the clock laughing with its tick-tock

With every leaving dusk and arriving dawn

I am not tired of the wind bouncing

Bouncing off my thick hair

When I sprint through life’s phases

There lies more races for me and I won’t shirk

I see joy in earth’s tears

Its torture, imbalance makes me long for tomorrow

I waltz in the deadness of the deep;

Life expectations: my partners

All I have is my blood
And all I ever hope to have

And I am the Jew, shylock with it


Dear reaper

Grimmest of beings

Lay down thy scythe and basket

Harvest tarries

Throw Cerberus the bones of patience

Close down your gates

For this man will come to you

Like a bride to her groom in the dark

Like a subservient infant to a fastidious parent

Like a worshipper’s lips to his god’s iron feet

My advent will never be the rapture

For I shall post a mail to your premise



Oh sower of tears

And reaper of souls

Can’t you see life in the carnage you bring?

That there is life in mourning

Just as there is light in morning!

I still long for your sinister sneer

Disguise free, when there’s a feeling for it.

I knock on your gates

An then, please don’t keep standing

Only to send me away from your sight


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