My dear, drop that brush
Right there in your hand

What’s that coloured stick in a tube?

Is that mud in a little plate?

Since when did you become an artist?

Is your face the drawing board?

Are your brows too bushy for you?

Keep down that blade and listen to me

Let me teach you what beauty is
Use that brush to dust your heart.

And that stick to paint it pure

So your sins shall be as snow

And beauty shall knock at your door


Where’s that mud in a little plate?

Give it to the dogs, my dear

Don’t you know it goes with the day?

Come possess beauty that never fades


What’s that shape you keep your lips?

And those flowers I see on your head?

Pout? Snap chat? Is that it?

Use those effects on your mind

And see if beauty won’t live in you


See your fingers as long as time

Blue, black, green? Just on a hand?

Can’t your heart be more beautiful?

Why not try the word of God?


You skip meals? Oh! Heavenly Lord!

This child has gone so nuts

Eat, my dear and exercise

Anorexia is not a trend
Come back here, you little prat!

Is that shorts or pants you wear?

Your thighs are such an eyesore

Even if they are stunning to them

When you turn my age, grandchild

You’ll understand why I chide you now

All these things shall fade away

But your character shall stand by you
Work now, love, and build your heart

Because that is where true beauty lies.

#Victoria Willie



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