Oh no! am not ashamed of my past heartbreak
Cause everyone learns from pain once in a while

Though my path was littered by mistakes

Though my last love story had no light

OH no! I recall no more…

Cause all I know the rainbows will introduce my new chapter of love


Am here, what road to take, and where to go?.
What difference does it make when all path leads the same way.

Oh no! I’ll float away

I’ll change my course

So my mistake will only remain history

So my weakness are buried in the sand.

Oh Yeah!… Have seen people come and go

And what little difference they can make.

When I find love again

I’ll be much different than the man I used to be

I’ll make a plan much better for the both of us

I’ll be that man you have been dreaming of for so long

I’ll make us that perfect story of love

I’ll be the best you have ever had.


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