​I am a woman

I have a voice

I am not the wife of that man

I am this woman;

My very own self


I am a woman

I am the passage of birth

I am not a toy to be tossed

I am to be treasured and revered


I am a woman

And not a sex toy

I expect you to realise this soon

And know all feelings are to be mutual

I am a woman

I am not a paid babysitter

This job of childraising

Is for two

So don’t leave it for one

I am a woman

I am no punching bag

I’ve got blood running in my veins

So if I piss you off

Bite your lips

In the exercise of patience

I am a woman

Whether a Banker or a hawker

I am a woman

Give me that respect

I am worthy of

Even if I’m going on five

Don’t abase, don’t molest

I could have words

Wiser than your age

I am a woman
And not necessarily a paid cook

So when next you return

And meet no food on the table

Drop down that voice

And raise a helping hand

I am a woman

I am a mother

I am a leader

I am a confidante

I am a woman

I am a creature

Just as you are

I’m not just  creature

I’m a living creature

Just as you are

Not just a living creature

I am a human being

Yes! A human being

I have every right to speak out

I have every right to take up positions

I have every right to lead

Drop the stereotypes

Drop the belittling


I am a woman

A human being

The gateway of other humans

If you have no reason to respect me

Then that should be enough

Let the voice of the women folk rise

We shouldn’t be based or derided.

Whether a girl or a lady

Whether 10 years or 15 years

Whether 21 or 35

We are women and not the lower men

And just for the records…

Every woman is a star
#victoria Willie

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