Hey there

I was born five years ago

I have one brother

He is cute and loving

He treats me with care

For I’m his little princess
My teeth are falling

For they are but milk

I love milk

For the doctor says it will keep me balling

I can only but wash my tummy

And I leave the rest for mummy

I am in school

To learn the white man’s culture

To gain knowledge

So as to earn a living
Daddy shares a joke with me

At home over a bottle of coke

For we are paddies
I have many dreams

Like other children

I wish to wipe the tears on your eyes

Yes you!

I wish to make you laugh

Whenever you hear my name
I hope when I grow older

I pray I miss my shoes

I pray my Prince charming finds it

And picks it up

I pray he looks for me

I pray he finds me

I pray that my legs fit perfectly

I pray I live happily ever after
Till then

I will pray that today comes again

For its my day

Till then

I’ll remain grateful to God

Till then I’ll thank my parents

For meeting that night

Till then

I’ll be grateful I just turned FIVE

Till then

I’ll still remain Daniella AWIANKELE


Pendropspoetry celebrating Miss Daniella @5

Happy birthday dear..Many more years..

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