Another Babel



The trumpeters of the good news

The gospel

The restorer of the black race

Predators of the sacrifices of our gods

‘The twin’

Like David,they snatched these lambs from the lions

They brought light to the black race

They said ‘lets spread the gospel’

‘Their gods are dead’

‘And they are in bondage’

‘Let’s redeem them from this shame’

But now

How sad it is

For the white race has turned black

And the black race white

The white race is now gone back to the old dark ways

Mingling and dinning with the devil

They have for themselves a ‘church’ they worship

Man to man

Woman to woman

And they call it the ‘right of the people’

They are beclouded by their artifacts

Technology has taken them from their maker

For they now think themselves equal with God

We can make ‘man by ourselves’

‘There is no God!’

The black race is now the light

The white race needs to shine

Let’s go and restore the white race to God

Let’s redeem them from this shame

For their shame is ours

For the tower of Babel is about to fall

And the children about to be scattered

In the face of the earth a second time


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