​Christianity is boring

So is the T. V. when you don’t plug in

The radio when you don’t tune in

A novel when the pages you are just flipping
Many are disconnected from God by the world

And can only be connected to him through his word

We all believe and proclaim that Jesus is Lord

But when we are in his presence our minds are abroad

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory

Many remember this, become sad and sorry

But after a while go back and continue on their journey

Just ask for mercy, he is not interested in the excuse in your story
That blessing was hard to explain, it was grace

His mercy is hard to comprehend when you seek his face

His judgement better than every decided case

Just have faith of a mustard seed or maize

Shun my rhymes, ignore my flows

Look at your time, rapture is very close

Fight the good fight, you are the actor,the enemy is the boss

Love your neighbour, friends or foes

Where there is a will, there is a way

It doesn’t matter what haters and critics say

After the night comes the day

After all your fight, you are here today


If God be for you who can be against

Let him go before you, you will be amazed

He would fill you and quench your thirst

You might not be the last and be comfortable but he would make you first

Hear ye the voice of God

Meditate ye in the word of God

Enjoy ye now the grace of God

From now till eternity Jesus should always be lord
~Sam Saviour~

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