I walked out of my home

Strolling down the streets

Just to get life’s necessity


I’m on the cross road

The cars speak to me

Telling me to ‘stop’
The traffic rule instructs me

‘Look left,look right,look left again’

‘Don’t run, but walk across to safety’

They,I obeyed

About to cross the Rubicon

To the other side

Of the unending

Headless and tailless being


Is all my eyewitnesses will say they heard

For a ‘hit and run driver’,he was

My body motioned to the ground

In total surrender

My head smashed and battered

My skull grinded into powder

My blood; the life in me

Spilled graciously on the coal tar

Earth drank from me and of me

Gender gathered around me

But they just stood there


For even the hospitals cannot save me

For I had long taken my walk down eternal life

I had long crossed over to the other life

Here am I

Standing in a vague place

But being judged by you

In double garments

For I do not know if its either white or black

Neither do my people in the other world

For all they say is ‘rest in peace’

Not knowing if I’ll actually do so

My fate has not been decided by you

For I’m just answering your first question

‘How did you get here?’


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