I am a visitor

I am a Nigerian

I am an Akwaibom son

I am here to enrich you

I know you don’t know me

But I’ve come with good tidings

I see you have a dream

I see you have a vision

I see you have a destination

But I see you’ve not set out on a mission

For you don’t have the unction

Neither do you have a car

To take you to your destination

I see you walk on the streets


I see you at the cross road

I see you’ve reached the Rubicon

But I see you can’t cross it

I see you have potentials

But you don’t know

Neither do you have the essentials

I see you lend to nations

I see you give to the poor

From the proceeds of your passion

But I see you don’t have a dime

And you’re running out of time

I see you having your own empire

I see you signing autographs

I see you on TV

But I see it only happening in your sleep

For you don’t have a C.V

I see you towing the path of learned men

I see you being called

‘gentleman of the press’

I see you burning the night

Studying to be something mother nature

Never desires you to be

For therein your fortunes lie not

I see you don’t even know who you are

I see you don’t know what you’re capable of

I see you desire to tow the lane of

‘White collar’ job seekers

Seek not them

For they won’t sustain you in this era

Wherein everyone needs you to show them

Something extra from the ordinary

But I’ve come

To give you a helping hand

Help you actualise your dream

Give you unction

To function in the right direction

I’ve come to make you aware of your abilities

I’ve come not to make your hands dirty

But to show you how to make

Clean money with clean hands
I have come to give you sweet pain

The pains you get from working with your

Own hands and not working on someone’s

I’ve come to help you with the camera

I’ve come to dress you

That you might dress others

With garments impeccable

I’ve come to make you impregnable

I’ve come with a name

For I’m not without name

I’m F3

I’m on a sojourn to make lives better

Join the F3 waka!!!


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