​The creaking sound never ceased

It echoed around by the minute

The sky’s darkness hovered

Thunder clapped,lightning flashed

Footsteps continued from behind

I kept the search for the intruder

My fancy for sleep evaded my eyes

The poppy goddess couldn’t rescue me

My left chest kept thumping

So loud it could be heard miles away

Another door knob turned in the distance

I stiffened! Stunned would be a better word

The door shut close and locked

I wondered who that could be

In a home I shared with no one

I reached the door and saw blood

Dripping from its knob

I felt sick,nausea crawled within

Then it dawned on me

The intruder is out for a kill

As I stood, the door opened on its own

My eyes saw what made my mouth numb

My jaw went south with a life of its own

My throat held tight by the grip of horror

I could neither scream nor cry

On the floor laid mangled bodies

With their parts laid parallel to each other

And the heads on top the fleshy heap

My trouser soaked with my waste

I tried to lift my leg

It was glued to the floor by the blood on the floor

The reddened floor became the only thing I saw

Then again lightning flashed

My eyes locked with the window panes

Reflect the face of a shadow with one eye

Suddenly, the door shut at my face

Eerie laughter came from within the room

And I fled with my legs airborne

The sound never ceased

The footsteps trailed behind

Then!I woke and found myself

On my sweat soaked bed

The waste still in my trousers

And that sound still never ceased


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