I wish I could

Go through my archives and rewrite that chapter of my life, where my words pierced through your soul and pinned you to the walls of unforgiveness.

I wish I could;

Tell you why I loved a girl in a guy’s stead, looked you in the eye feigning to be in love. Yes I know I left you gobsmacked but need you know that I was only scared and that girl i told you I loved was my sister!

I wish I could

Take back my vote and drown in corruption because in that I was able to live and really felt alive; in that I felt like a citizen of the which use to be the Giant of Africa, Proudly a Nigerian was I but now my best bet is to leave my country.

I wish I could

Go back in the arms of my parents

Harken to their advice and smile in their restraint

Grow up and make no mistakes

Create a beautiful life of innocence

Love God, Fear and keep his commandments

Sheepishly smile on that night of engagement

Until I finally say I do.
If only I could

I would wish I didn’t have to say

I wish I could

But I’m glad I did.

#Hanson Sparkz

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