For that’s my nomenclature for you

My love for you is as pure as the waters in the ocean

Harmless like the dove in the sky

Delicate as the lilies of the water

Precious like gold

Like  strawberry

Maybe like the honey in its comb

That’s how sweet the taste of your love is to me

My love buds say so


Here’s my oath of allegiance to you

Cooked with greatest of ingredients

Words ungratified

For I thought I should reinstate my vows

Make known in words my commitment to you

Lest tomorrow

The adversary knocks at your door

Whilst we wait for the blessings of matrimony

And brings falsehood in my name

To your table


In that day

Remember these words

‘Though the skies turn dark

And the rainbow fails to remind us that we will never be victims of flood

Though the oceans dry

Though the clock ticks backwards

The landmarks be shifted

Though wars break out

And men be taken prisoners of war

In the toughest of times

In the saddest of times

I pledge my unending loyalty to what we share

For mortals can’t understand

Share nor create what we have

For their artistry fails them

For even the heavens are ignorant

Of the fire that burns within us

Hell is no second to us

Lay on my laps my lover

Let’s share in the jocund

Of our love

Until the earth decides to roll away’


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