Monday Shout out To The Wife Of The Governor Of Akwa Ibom State, Deaconess.Martha Udom


Mother of all mothers
Moulded with a heart of gold
Beauty impeccable
Smile impregnable

Beauty of the women folk
The advocate of the land
The hand that cuddles all at night
And consoles the broken hearted

The one from whose kitchen
The thirst of many is quenched
The jars of their tummy is filled
With delicacies that leave
Their tongues smacking

The progenitor of FEYREP
In the land of Ibom
The one who paints
The faces of the young with smiles
And the old with laughter

The tower of peace and shelter
The Queen Amina of our time
The roof over the heads of many
The high priestess of the land
The Esther of the Jews

Wife of one
Mother of all
Children suckle from her bosom
The joy of the motherless
The light,that lights the land

The shoulder who bears the burden of many
The voice of the voiceless
The number one of the land
The rhythm many dance to
The doorway to the king
We celebrate her excellency
Obongawan e mi kom ooo


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