Must Read: A Piece Dedicated to all Depressed Person, Titled “There are kids”.



There are kids on the street who have nowhere to sleep, no food to eat,some have no water to drink, while some feed on leftovers and thirst for dirty water.
Some wonder and ask “where are my parents?” But still get no answers. Some will eventually but some may not.

There are kids on the street, who are a little above 5 years, but shoulder the responsibilities of a father and mother at the same time. Their beautiful skin gets rusted and burnt. Their tears they drink and rags they wear; they care less of luxury. But yet, they wake up and look up to the skies, even with all uncertainties starring at them, they mutter “Thank you God for another day”.

There are kids, whose parents, who were to be a home for them, I’ve become their greatest nightmares. Father beats mother; mother abuses father. As expected, when elephants fight, the grasses suffer. Hence the kids are subjected to psychological trauma. Some grow past these experiences, others are too vulnerable and live with these taunting pictures for life but then, they choose to smile.

There are kids, whose parents out of carelessness, get married irrespective of the discrepancy in their genotype,and give birth to children with sickle cell. They go through a whole lot and struggle to stay through life, with the knowledge, that at an untimely age, “I will die”.But then, they strive to make the best of it.

There are kids out there, whose parents made love at night, with the hope of bringing another healthy human to life, but alas, some were born imbecilic, some deaf, some blind, some dumb, and others with disgusting disorders. But these kids accept their reality and choose to survive through life with hope.


There are kids out there, whose definition and experience of love and care, were the abuse of her sexuality by another woman, who took her into her home, one cold night, the boy who made her live with him, and took advantage of her on the blackmail “I picked you up on the streets and gave you a roof over your head”. The young man who bursted open that 10 year old’s ass for rivers to flow without control.
The guns he’s made to carry today, by the hoodlums who took him in when they found him lying bare body, in that uncompleted building. These were the times they thought “they care for me”. Feeling indebted to people who have left their future in debt.

You may say, your own problem is bigger and nobody understands the pressure you’re under. But if the man who sits on heaps of refuse in a caterpillar, sits there with joy and sees his life beyond his “now”, then you have no excuse.

The greatest way to overcoming depression, is to stay grateful for the little things you have, the friends who care(the little they can), the family you have, the food,shelter and clothes you have, the sanity you possess as human, your five senses which are functional and a brighter future which you see.
An attitude of gratitude, makes you see life beyond “What is” to “What will”.
Because there are kids, whose heartbeats, are going down to zero, and their souls are kissing their graves, but then, they die with a smile plastered on their faces.

I am a kid, who battles with depressing situations everyday, but I choose to survive. The smile you seek, starts with you widening your mouth…

Esther Umoh



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