Must Read: Birthday Piece- Happy Belated Birthday


Loud is the song that plays in my mind

A song of how a “hi” and a “hello” brought us together

For a he–art, we were

But now, we are a heart, beating and living together

There, you called from the blues

‘Hey, Esther, I need to talk to you about Fusion’

Days rolled into weeks

But you never talked about it

A post about weed on my story

Put your hands to work on your key pads

Unlocking the door to friendship

Weeks into months

We took our first stroll round

The environs of the higher tuition

We talked and laughed at all;Fun or un-fun

Mother nature served us an ambiance

That was consensual to our relay-tion-ship

For the baton, tomorrow might be in the hands of another

Started out with knowing you as a foodie

Then idealistic, industrious, focused

You seemed to me the multitask app

That should be on play store

Months into years

I beg to rest my pen here

Lest I talk more than the future

And offend posterity

Let my ink flow behind tomorrow,as it evolves

Before the bow, Let me stop by this wish store

To say a wish you a happy love day

For thou,art a product of love.

If you doubt me, ask Zechariah the priest

Husband of Elizabeth;Father of John the Baptist


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