Must Read: Muse Abuse By Mouth Piece


I found her,
Yea! I mean her,
Dressed in rags on a dusty street,
begging with tears, cos there’s no food to eat.

I found her,
Her awesome creature,
With dentition faking smiles,
Enveloped in cries of questions that start with “WHY?”


Oooops I found her,
On a street of thoughts,
Trying to weld her problems without bolts and nuts,
How do I get Glory, when there’s no Guts.
I found her,
My new baby amma nurture to be a lady,
A lady embedded with ecstasy,
Nabas hope u satisfy her fantasy.



I found her,
At the Waterside,
Trying to cross to the other side,
But her first step missed step,
So I intervened and gave a lead step.
I found her,
On the rail meant for the train,

Ready to sacrifice her life cos she was tired of the pain

Saying she lost in the life filled with games.
I found her,
The her I saw me, and in me I saw her,
Very close to my heart yet her thoughts far,
Her mind seeks light yet her eyes open to the darkness.


I found her,
my new love whose mind travels far,
Far from the corridor of thirst,
Not distant from happiness of hunger.




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