All hail the lady

Whose land is called promise

One of the 36 daughters

Of the giant called Nigeria

With her seat of power in Uyo

All hail the lady

Who is surrounded by the

Great Atlantic herself

The vast seas and its creatures

Tilting East to Cross The River

And dances West to the music Abia


All hail the lady

Whose land is filled with Queens



And kings as their spouse

Thus making her an icon of royalty

All hail the lady

From whom, diverse languages spill

Ibibio, Ekid, Oron, Annang and Obolo

Pitching unity, though in different tones


All hail the lady

To whom, many run to for safety

For she is reckoned

To be still, even in the raging storm


All hail the lady

Whose sons and daughters

Dakkada to till the earth, rather than wait

For manna from the heavens above

All hail the lady

Whose leaders,history will

Forever write their names in her books

Isong, Attah, Isemin, Nkanga, Godswill

And of cause, her Mr.Right

And lips will tell their tales

To posterity and strangers afar off

All hail the lady

From whose kitchen

The way to a man’s heart is secured

And his lips are left smacking for more


All hail the lady

Who is the goddess of fertility

For none who comes to her

Goes back barren


All hail the lady

Whose shoulder is comfort

And consolation to all

Who are grieved within

All hail the lady

Whose land spells green

Her barns are ever full

Her children go not hungry

She is clothe in the color Orange



All hail the lady

Who in districts she is known



Uyo, Ikot Ekpene and Eket

From which rulers are chosen




All hail the lady

From whose gourd

Many come to drink

Her wine of intellect




All hail the lady

Whose land is filled

With oil, flowing like the oceans

All hail the lady

Who was brought to earth, three decades ago

In an addition of a millennium

Nine centuries, eight decades and seven

On the month, after Augustus the Roman Lord


All Hail the lady

All hail my land

Named after the creator himself

All Hail Akwa Abasi Ibom State!





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Anticipate the biggest poetry show in AkwaIbom State…Ibom Poetry Day.



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