Must Read;The Lies They Told Me




Growing up as a child

While trying to grow out of ignorance

Though still living in it

I was fed with lies as nutrients


I grew on the diet of falsehood

For SMA Gold, Cerelacs, and the likes

Even the milk I took from the mammary gland

Were lies in liquid form


I was told that India scored 100 goals

And played football without boots

The teacher said that the white colored bone, which was not a bone

Was called biscuit bone instead of brisket bone


I was told that I,as a youth was the leader of  a tomorrow

That came as a today in disguise

But our leaders renewed their youth on the white paper

While they staggered in strength


I was told that our founding fathers fought for our independence

But in actual sense,it was just a liberation from our external colonial masters

To slavery in the hands of internal colonial masters

Who have colonized what we have worked for as theirs


I was told ‘say the truth,I won’t beat you’

But I got to sit on the air

Because my buttocks had gotten a good dose of the rod

Which later became my companion, as I had developed antibodies against it


I was told that if a girl was touched,that she will be bloated with child

So I, as the coin that I am

I avoided the female folk and became gay,but not the happy gay

And I as a female,found emotional solace in the arms of my kind


I was told that money does not guarantee happiness

But I have seen people trade in this market called ‘labor’

In quest for the colored paper,who can make you live life

I have seen marriages fail and greatness died,because of  ‘no money to buy hospital card’


I was told that education is the key

But the never told me which door it opened

Neither was I told that the door lock may have rusted

And I needed oil to grease it or hammer and saw to bring it down, if it resisted its key


I was told that there was a Prince Charming I would live ‘everly happy after with’

But they did not tell me that my ‘missing shoes’, would be my heart

That would be wounded by a special specie of

Prince charmings called ‘Yoruba Demons’


I grew up suffering from obesity of these lies

But the greatest of all I was told

Was that I could not reach the sun

As it was too high,too fierce and ‘nobody has ever done it’

Not knowing that the sun was closer to me,than my nose was close to my eyes




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