I signed you into power
I entrusted my well being into your care

My future did I put in your hands

My trust I entangled in yours

My past I was ready to let go on the platter of the performance of your promises

My hope for a befitting burial was on you

For I thought to myself

‘My daughters and sons will tuck me in that eternal bed and give me enough to sojourn in the land of the living-dead,when I shall grow weary and old’

The contract to fill my barns with food I gave to you.

The on-carriers of my name I gave you to teach the white man’s culture.

I was not scared of the invaders of my health,for your ‘promises’ said you will fight them off with the ‘white healing chalk’
But woe to me

For I trusted on you

For the maker had said it all

‘Trust not on another man’

Graciously the maker gave me sons and daughters

My soil is fertile

But alas!the proceeds from the soil can’t feed my team

My daily labor fails me

And you also have failed me

I cannot talk before the sons of men,for I can’t twist my tongue to produce the vowels and consonant sounds

I am old and weary

My waist aches

But there’s no solution for me

I am prepared to die

For there’s nothing to extend my days on earth

But even as I think of my death

I know none will remember that I had walked this earth…

And my children I know will die like me

Unknown and uncelebrated

All because I trusted you

And you call yourself

‘My Government’


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