​Curves at their position

Waist bigger and better

Breats thrusting out like a serpent ready to strike

Ready to give suckle to little ones

Womb ready to incubate generations

Ready to push and bring forth another cry into the world

Smiles so broad and wide

Cute and adoring

Melting the strongest of hearts

Cheeks popping out like puff puff

The cute hole on her face

Each time she smiles

Forming the word dimple


Eyes lit with sparks

So charming and alluring

Heart warm and kind

Brains up and doing

Many coming to drink from her wells

Wells of knowledge and wisdom

She’s an epitome of beauty

A cynosure of attraction

Men come pleading at her feet

All to have a taste of her presence

And intellectual power


Only time would have brought

Such great changes

To a woman who was once known as girl

Who washed only her tummy

And eased herself of waste products

Anytime and anywhere

Without the consciousness that

‘A man is around’

A girl who said ‘my mum said I should cover my thing’

Cried and ran into the arms of anyone who

Cared to know what was the cause of her pain


Only time could have given her the apple

Made her realise her nakedness

Strip her of her innocence

And opened her eyes to the struggles of her forefather Adam

Only time could bring people out their

Houses to ring the bell in all corners

Proclaiming ‘Mfon mma is plus one today!

pendropspoetry celebrates Mfon as she turns plus 1 today

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