I see a vision about his redemption

Darkness breaking into candle flames

Night making love to day in moonlight

Dreams turning into nightmares

I see heaven’s doors opened for the morningstar.

I see jealousy in Michael’s eyes

The prodigal son,welcomed back

With a fatherly embrace

A diamond ring- a golden robe

Designing his fingers and shoulders

I can see the beast with his maker

The devil with His creator

The Antichrist with His God

Demons reunite with Angels

And Lucifer begging God for forgiveness

I can see the Artist with His Art

Standing outside his creation

The garden of Eden reconstructed

For the devil and His maker

Trumpets sound-Clarinates singing

And hell let loosed

Broken chains falling

Casting demons out of haves

Men escaping flames

Like in prison break

I see humans transcend to the immortal realm

Everyone ignorant of his nakedness

Struggle struck out of the world

The serpent subdued in its place

The apple tree taken out of Eden

God communing with His creature

I see a third rebuild of the world

The spoken word bringing things into existence

New creatures being made

Another Adam naming them
I see another Eve being made out of the ribs of Adam

I see unity being our watch word

And segregation expelled

I see one God being worshiped by all

I see one religion

And its signature being

‘Let love Lead’

And I see no more destruction

No more sin

For the father of sin

Is reconciled with his Maker

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