Romantic Monday:Enjoy This Arousing Flash Fiction


I sighed again. One that came from within the depths of my guts; one that brought the kiss my boyfriend was placing on my lips to a precipitous halt.

“What’s that one now?” He said in mock anger, an eyebrow arched.

“Sorry, not sorry”

“You’re lucky no mucus came out of those holes” then he gave his wicked, lopsided grin, “the only holes I don’t intend to fill up with flesh”

I chuckled, “You know that’s not happening-not tonight. Can’t you wait? This is the final day of my fasting. You should be more concerned about solving my hunger issues-”

“And that is why I’ve brought dick today.” His eyebrows raised in mock concern,”See, I know you’re hungry for some meat. And please don’t use that vegetarian line on me, it’s archaic,thanks to you.” Then he kissed my nose

“Oh, Cephas..” I laughed.

“So, Edima, for the third time, Rubber or Meat?”

“I’ll let you kiss me one more time and off you go, the door is open anyway. I really want to complete this fast, sorry not sorry” I said with a note of finality.

“Okay, present thy lips” he said in mock disappointment, and leant over me.

His lips claimed mine in a loose,moist grip,gleaning a moan out me as I opened my lips to welcome in his pink tongue that oozed need into mine in a steaming ebb.

“It’s more than a kiss” my subconscious warned.

Stretching the limits I set, I let his lips go to my neck ,leaving a trail of kisses on my chin and jaw. Holding two handfuls of his hair in a love grip, with my hormones influencing my phalanges, I bent my head to bite his helix.

That was his cue.

He leaned on his left elbow, snuck his right hand under my blouse and gently squeezed my ample bosom, his calloused thumb purposefully brushing my nipple which was tauter than a new clothing line at my backyard so erect I expected it to prick him as his mouth closed over it. Mouth still on my nipple, his fingers found their way south,inside my joggers. I could feel the oil spilling out of my pipeline, and part of me wanted him to keep up his welcome act of vandalism.
His digits first played with my little fuzz there and went farther down, stopping at my clitoris. A wave of electricity swept all over my body in ripples,and I could swear all the hairs on my body stood on end.

“Please, stop” I squeaked.

I watched as my plea fell on deaf ears and closed my eyes and shuddered as his fingers plunged Into my creamy depths where they twirled, causing a whirlpool in the centre of which my will drowned.

Motivated by my heartfelt gasps of pleasure, he spread my legs wide apart.
“Red sea” he whispered into my throbbing, pulsating erupting volcano.
He kissed the lips, a lingering one, and abruptly stopped.

I cursed him for it, then my subconscious cursed me for my compromise. “Stupid God hoe” she chided

“I think I should go now” He looked at me, deadpan serious.

“Noooooo!!!” My subconscious screamed.

I grabbed him, “Please don’t. Take me instead.”

“Take you? Are you money?” He whispered, lopsided smile on his smug face.

I watched as he started to leave the bed.
“You can always fast another day,Edima” my subconscious hissed.
Reaching a decision I said, “Cephas, Rubber or Meat?”

“Eeeheeen! That’s my girl!” he yelled victoriously. “Cephas ,one. God, zero”

“But please go lock the door first”

Boyish grin. “Yes,mummy”

And I watched as he moved backwards, towards the door, in a moonwalk, happy as a pig in a pool of shit.

.Written By Cephas


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