I saunter onto the sand

Eyes rolling on the grains that seeped out of my toes

The wind caressed me,

And her fingers raised my head up

To the horizon;

To the sight that competes with the rainbow;

To that which stopped me in my tracks;


To her…

The sun rained on her face

Making it drip with radiance

Onto her skin ,fair as God’s judgment

For the eyes of men

Who’ll be victims of beholding perfection

My eyes slid over her body,

Drank thirstily, drank in the pristine;

Drink in the proud bosoms

Covered in black to be revealed to the worthiest of men;

Drank in her figure,curvy as a palette

Thunder thighs that storm my loins

Our eyes locked like bodies in county’s

And she seized my sagging heart

With a smile that exposed a vault of diamonds

Well arranged like players on a chess board

Such emasculating beauty.

An angel is come ,

Sent down to define beauty



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