T.G.I.F: A Piece For The Weekend


My heart went out to this lady
She’s the fairy god mother
She laid on her bed
With her curves forming a pillow
One could lay a head on,with comfort

Awoken from slumber
At an ungodly hour
Thoughts of her I think did the job
For it was such a conspiracy
I’ll never forget

My thoughts dangled
Indecision trolled me through
‘Should I take a step or glue to my bed? ‘
‘The night’s still young,a talk won’t harm’
Another suggested

All I wanted was to take this lady
And make her mine
Whisper tingles into her ear
Have a feel of her skin
Have a stamp of her touch
A change of skin will do

But I’m bound by chains
Fetters bind my desires
‘What if she doesn’t need all of these?’
“What will be her reaction?”

I wish I could have a feet into her mind
Maybe I’ll feel better
Being in Wonder land
But not getting to Alice
Was a misfortune, I couldn’t bear



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