I am a threat to everybody

I come in different forms

I am the rod of correction

For the little children

At school, when they err and fail

I’m used on them

At home,parents use me on them

To bring them back into shape

For the adult

At work,your boss queries you

When you go against the rules

Governing the organization

Your pay is being slashed

Or ultimately, you will be relieved of your job

To couples

Your spouse shouts at you when you do what they don’t like

For the husbands

Your wives may refuse to feed you

And starve you of the night delicacy

For the wives

Your husbands may refuse to give you the money due you

He may keep late nights

Or break the oath of matrimony

To church folks

Your pastor may bring a curse on you

Suspend you from working in your various departments

Speak rudely to you

Or ultimately Excommunicate you from the fold

To the pastor

Your followers may decide not to bring their offerings and tithes to the treasury

They may go to God in prayer on your behalf

To the rich

The  poor might seek justice from the wig

For your wicked acts

And if the wig doesn’t do so

Their tears to God will

To the poor

The rich will keep you behind bars

And order the khaki to hit you

Until they are satisfied as food

Nobody can escape from me

Man or woman

Boy or girl

Old or young

Student or worker

Big or small

Tall or short

For I was created to bring balance in the world

I am the cane

The rod of correction

Men tremble at the mention of my name

I am the good-evil visitor


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