​In its angered fury

And great hunger

Blood shot eyes

Tensed veins

Trumping heart

Power filled body

It came

Thirsty for blood

To get what needs it get


Devouring the sons of men

Flesh apart from the other

Bones broken free from each other

Heads smashed

Brains ripped off and crushed into dust

Intestines sprawling on the floor

Both large and small

Like the cow in the butcher’s hands

It drained blood from them

Like vampire of old

It drank from both the white blood cells

And red blood cells

The thick black blood and the light liquid

It drank all of it
Leaving tears rolling on the cheeks of loved ones

And many in disarray

Putting the church in the black book

In the hearts of men

It left tongues wagging

And dogs barking

Even the toothless bulldogs biting
Like rain in summer

It took the sons of men

Giving them no room to fight back

The man in black did the job

And left my land stinking with blood

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