I am tall

I am slim

Not because I want to

But because my religion

Says fast and pray

To be like the Master

I have a regalia

I might wear the ordinary clothe you wear

But when you see me

You sure must know me

People laugh at me

Women don’t dream of spending their ‘death do us part’ with me

For fear of Lack

Cos I don’t have any other source of living

They think I’m not romantic

Well,that I can’t tell

Why don’t you try me and see if I am!
I’m laughed at
I am counted among the poor

But no

I’m better than you

Yes you!

You think your wealth will sustain you

Men are your source of wealth

You labor for people

For a full moon

You work by a routine

You don’t wake up when you want to

From dusk to dawn

Your sweat drips

Just for a pay called salary

For me

Like the birds of the air I have food everyday

I work for nobody

But for God

And he pays me handsomely

For my insurance in Him says

‘I will never lack’

The wealth of the gentiles are mine

The women bring food into my store

Men give unto my bosom

You speak with men

And feel you’ve arrived

I speak with God himself

The creator of the men you speak with

How then should I feel?

I’m your passport to God

I’m the only one who tells

Rulers to kneel and they do

Men and women are blessed by my hands

I have an altar

I minister on

The sons and daughters of men

Are made by it
I pray daily for you

But you look down on me

God forgive the sons of men!!!
I have a name

Which I was christened on the 8th day

Of my existence on earth

But I’m no longer known by it

People call me Man of God

Some call me Pastor

I have no choice

But to answer to THAT NAME


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