​In the East of the Niger

Do I situate myself

In Nigeria do I take refuge

In Akwaibom am I hosted
I’m surrounded by many waters

The fishes and sea creatures

Seek refuge in my domain

Big and small

The plants are all green

From me do they take their daily suckle

My land is green



My ruler is called ‘Ahta’

At his call ‘onu ofong udung’

I’m into five divisions

Oron,Udung-uko,Mbo,Ureoffong,ma Okobo

I train captains at my academy

Not just captains of the sea

But captains of the land

Whose names have been written

In the lines of time

History is hosted in me

The museum is built on me

Men travel from far and near to see the past

And learn from it

Lest the past repeats itself

I’m rich in delicacies

Marry my women

Then will your days be long on earth

Your name will not go into extinction

For the God of fertility leaves with us

Marry my sons

And your barns will be filled with food

Then will you know the definition of love

Red and white are my colors

‘Iyara’ sits on my head

White long sleeves on my upper body

Wax encircles my waist 360°

The long stick in my right hand

The native wear covers my toe

And off I go!


I’m full of many potentials

But I’ve been looked down upon

By my counterparts

Like a sleeping dog will I lie still

Until I’m awaken by purpose

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