I want to tell my tales
Tales of how it all began
For I wasn’t just
Cast down to earth this way
Two lovers came together
Talked, showed and made love
Caused a race within the incubator
Wondering who won it? Yes I did!
A gel I was
Nurtured not tortured
I don’t know what I turned into
All I know was everyday, I kept on changing
I kicked and kicked
They giggled and said ‘the baby just kicked’
After a plus from the month 8
I was brought into earth
I suckled and suckled
For sweet was the milk to my taste
I started learning the words of my kind
‘Mama’, ‘Dada’, I tried to mutter
I have many years to grow
But this is just the first year
Setting the pace for others
To Celebrate with me
Should In case you don’t know my name
Call me Jasmine!
Happy birthday to our client Jasmine


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