​Her gates parted like the red sea

Her kind they seek but the best see

This, the reward for my toiling

Poised she stays, ready for my ramming

I ran into the sea- I’m Moses

I lead the rest of me into her depth

Deeper I go like I seek fossils

Redeemed myself or I sink into her depths…

What do I sense?

Is the sea closing in?

Wait! I’m no Egyptian!

Oh, I comprehend…

Iron sharpeneth iron

More special when they grind against each other.

Unearthly sounds escape us

As we get sharpened;

The world forgotten

The Universe into oblivion we cast

And only one essence of this nocturnal existence

Only one exit from this torrid experience

As our bodies weep

Tears mingled

Pleasure we sip

Reason dwindled

Our tempo matching the whirring blades

Of the only witness to our association

The finish line within sight

We run towards the trophy

And then the blades whirred no more…

Time became lots wife

Our heart pants become audible

Then my dam burst

And the Tsunami was sickening.

I toil, I do, I come!


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