​What does It feel like to be in love?

Does it ache real bad?

Does your heart cringe?

Will I have to be looking at my phone waiting for his call?

Or expecting a text in my inbox or social media from him?

Should I wait for every beep to say his name?

Should I caress myself anticipating he’ll do that to me soon?

Should I close my eyes and envision me in his arms,while I smile like some kid?

Must tears drop because he is not here and I miss him so badly?

Should I grieve that my lover is faraway?

Is this what its about?

Joy and pain?

Will my heart bear it?

Cos I fear my heart is gone out to someone

Some stranger who just said ‘hello’

But I fear he is arrogant and full of his own self

What should I do?

This stranger’s taking my heart away

Just by saying ‘hello’

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