​    Who divided the world?

Into sections we are known

Everyone for his own

People searching for food to survive

In pain and anguish

Others pleasure they seek to derive

From the struggles of the former


In sections we are known

First, second and third world countries

On the map are we drawn

What did you use to divide the world?

A knife so big I think did the job


Whoever divided the world

Many races we know we are

But black and white stand the fight

The struggle for supremacy has grown tight

Cultures are different

But one is eminent


Whoever divided the world?

The Atlantic you used

Making me far from the West

Bills I’ve got to pay

Just to cross over to the other side


Whoever divided the world?

Making me poor and you rich

My world and yours don’t match

My voice can’t be heard by people of your class

For before you I’m like brass


Whoever divided the world?

Is it me or you?

Whoever divided the world

Should close the rift

For men have drifted from purpose

And hampered reasoning from prevailing



Whoever divided the world?

The hall of fame

Needs your name

For you deserve an award for a job well done

Come home and claim your reward

For you’ve been long gone

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