A 24-year-old woman from East Java, Indonesia who killed her baby after giving birth to her, says she did that, because she is married yet.

According to the police, the woman who is identified as LA, a resident of Trenggalek Regency’s Bandoagung Village, worked in a supermarket in Surabaya but returned to her aunt’s house in the village, after she took in for her boyfriend.

She put to  birth to a baby boy, in her aunt’s bathroom on Wednesday.

At that moment, LA asked if she could get her some scissors. The homeowner did not know that LA was giving birth in the bathroom.

Trenggalek Police Chief Donny Adityawarman said on Monday as quoted by Tribun.

The scissors were used to cut the baby’s umbilical cord. But police say, she used it to stab her baby afterwards, in the chest, having it penetrate his lungs.

She put the newborn into a bag of cement mix and threw it behind the house. But LA’s aunt soon grew suspicious that her niece had given birth due to the blood in the bathroom.

Lisa did not resist arrest when the police came for her and she is being detained while her case is being processed. Police say they have enough evidence to convict her but have not yet named the exact charges she will face.

Given a ski mask and brought out to face the media at a police press conference on Monday, LA was asked how she could have done such a thing.

“Malu, belum nikah (Shame, I’m not married yet),” she said quietly.

The stigma of zina (the Islamic term for sin of adultery) is so strong in some parts of Indonesia that many girls below the age of 18 get married just to avoid it.



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