Youth Corps Members Run A Campaign Against Rape



On a bed clothed in fumes of pain
My agony lies in the smiles
I wear to avoid the tears
Like a toy thrown to the abyss
To feed the consuming urge of a man

I’m torn by lustful claws
And devoured by selfish pleasures
I am a lost being
Hiding under the beauty of a frame
With a frail skin flowing beneath
The reflection of running waters

I remember the fingers that trapped my skin
Dragged my shivering frame
To a heart pounding fast
My eyes went on a journey
Searching through his eyes

Reading the desires on his mind
Through the grin on his face
I saw the flame of lust
I saw painful pleasures
He tore through the me in me
And left me groaning in emptiness


My lips were glued by threats
And couldn’t utter a word
I am but a child eaten up
By a man the world crowns with glory

Here, my agony is encrypted
On the pages of a book my ink decorates
Lying here,cradled in the warmth of my bed
My pen bleeds and digs deeper
Digging in search of the me
I lost to sexual abuse



Poem by Emem  Ikott


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